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Modular carpet flooring

Modular carpets used to be applied mostly on raised floors in offices. Nowadays, they are used more and more frequently in hotels and residential accommodation too.

Almost 20 years ago, we went with modular carpets in the region. With its versatile type, color and texture, it has now been confirmed as the most effective type of interior finishing. These carpets are able to create any kind of atmosphere. Our collections offer wide variety of carpets from a clear and more moderate style to the vibrant, unique look.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, the modular floor carpets manufactured by our partners meet the latest safety, health and environmental requirements as well. Depending on the brand and the collection, they are available in 50x50 cm or 25x100 cm sizes.

Milliken Carpet

Its technical and design parameters are unique on the market. Thanks to its Comfort® backing, it is able to provide extra-long term life and high acoustic value. In addition to the versatile standard design, individual designs can be created as well.

Their carpets absorb the sound of footsteps, and has a special treatment on fibres for soil release, liquid repellence, providing a high level of comfort and are healthy to use. Milliken carpets absorb the sound three times better than hard floors, while putting much less stress on the backbone thanks to the less effort made by the muscles of the foot.

The development of the manufacturing technology is reflected by the fact that Milliken’s products come with a 10 to 15 year warranty.


modulyss carpets has a good value for money, and are used mostly for office interior designs. modulyss manufactures modular carpets for heavy loadings and for office and commercial use. It guarantees the sustainability, durability and quality of its products with a 50-point quality control system. modulyss products are in compliance with the most strict EU standards.

By using recycled materials in some of its products, the manufacturer draw attention to the importance of environmental protection. These products are broadly popular as standard carpets in office buildings among facility management companies.