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Thinned slab ceramic covering

The most prominent manufacturers of thinned large-size ceramic coverings are Laminam and Florim. They offer unique products and technology. Laminam’s universal, large-format ceramic tiles are now available from a thicknesses of 3 mm. Its innovative surface has exceptional technical characteristics.

Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and technological versatility, it offers much more opportunities for contemporary architecture than traditional ceramic tiles for both interior and exterior spaces, such as facades. Florim magnUm works with a wider choice of tile sizes with one thickness, while Laminam comes only in three different sizes, but with a wider choice of material thickness.

Large-format ceramic tiles for furniture

Florim Stone comes in a single tile size, but three options for material thickness (6, 12 or 20 mm). It provides excellent material for furniture manufacturers as its fixed size tiles are easy to handle for professionals. Whatever the shape or size of the design is, the uniform pattern of this product results in a harmonious and clean style. It is widely known to be extra reliable.