Mutina Rombini-Numi

Rombini is ceramics vibration, told in the symbolic Bouroullecs’ colors – gray, blue, green, red and white, a master key to create infinite combinations with other colors – through different worlds.


Carré, 40×40 rectified slabs in glazed porcelain stoneware, are produced on a mould made of many little embossing diamonds. It is available in two versions: Uni, where colour is evenly distributed throughout the whole slab, and Light, where colour is used to underline the white diamonds outlines.

Numi is a project consisting of squared tiles with a different, partially glazed geometric form. These shapes create a pattern which magnifies into architecture. The starting point is that matter is made out of discrete units. A philosophical concept as much as a biological fact. The ceramic tile represents a small unit which, once multiplied, turns into something larger than the sum of its parts.