Our prides from the Office of the year 2018

On February 21st, the 2018 Office of the Year competition was completed, winners of various categories were announced. Every year, we are proud to notice that we have shipped a number of coverages, and more and more often that we can also contribute to the appearance of the given spaces with furniture and accessories.

The list would be long, so let us highlight the winners and let us congratulate them on their results!

Winner of the Office of the Year 2018 was ION – Dealogic Planet. The interior not only impresses the office staff, but also the main prize of the competition, thanks to the interior design plans of Mashroom. In the 1400 sqm office space there is a large amount of Milliken Floors Europe modular carpets, which not only in design, but ergonomically perfectly fits the expectations of the international company. There are 5 different collections in the office space: Tracing Landscapes, Color Compositions, Arctic Survey, Culture Canvas and Formwork.

Moreover, some Gerflor product, which are also really popular at public venues, are took place in this project. It was an excelent choice, for example for corridor and dining. In addition, Sit-in artificial grass reminiscent of naturalness could not be left out of the plans.

We can really see the impressive teamwork with the design office, interior designer, constructor and project management.

The Winner of the Design Office of the Year Design 2018 was the Neuschloss Palace – Redwood Holding Office.  It is special for us to mention a project where we delivered furniture. It was an excellent feedback to us that the Moroso products we exclusively sell can really represent the special style and quality we believe from the first moment. We become so proud to look at the pictures of the winning office, where luxury and comfort come back together.

Congratulations on the award and all those, who involved in this quality renovation and office design.

Ericsson House became the Winner of Employer Branding’s 2018 Office of the Year. A very clean, pleasant office space show sin the pictures. The sophisticated taste of Demeter Design Studio is meets with Ericsson House visions. One of our biggest partners, the Florim Group, with it’s excellent product portfolio, has the Floorgres Industrial tiles, and it makes  significant part of the office. It is becoming more and more common for designers and interior designers to choose ceramic tiles for public projects.The Florim group’s many collections are more than a good choice in terms of quality and style.

In addition, one of Gerflor’s new products, GTI Max Connect, can be found on the floor, which is a great choice for high traffic spaces.

Congratulations to the whole team who participated in the design and implementation of Ericsson House.

BlackRock became the Winner of the Enterprise Office of the Year 2018. The BlackRock Office, which is situated in the GTC White House, has truly exclusive, modern interiors. We have contributed to the appearance of the interiors with cold and hot coverages, which was undoubtedly have been executed in the highest professional way. Two major partners of our company, the Milliken and the modulyss carpets, can also be found at different locations in the office.

There are no better proof of the adequacy of the Floor Gres Industrial tiles that they appears at many public projects, such as the BlackRock office.

We would like to emphasize that one of our products, the exclusive Italian CP Parquet, which is sold exclusively by us, can be also found in the interior.

Congratulations to the design and construction company and thank you for being part of the project.